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Professional Deck Painting Services

Professional Deck Painting Services

Painting or staining your deck can be a big job, even if your deck isn't all that large. It takes time and care to ensure you get that long lasting finish you want. Whether you want deck with a solid color, or want to keep the more natural look of the wood, Evely's Painting LLC can help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space.

When you're thinking about painting or staining your deck, consider more than just the look you're after; each type of deck finish has practical benefits to think about too. The goal of treating your deck is to keep the wood in good shape as it puts up with the changing weather conditions.

You should never leave your deck totally unfinished. Applying a finish is important because untreated wood will break down quickly when left to the elements. Once moisture gets in there, wood can twist, warp, and crack as it reacts to the moisture. Sunlight also breaks down wood over time as well, and combined with moisture can make it vulnerable to wood-decay fungi and wood rot.

Benefits of Deck Painting

  1. Painting allows you to use any color you want. Because paint is solid, you can completely cover an old color or the wood itself, which means your options are wide open.
  2. Paint often fills gaps and cracks. Paint is a thicker finish, so it can often be useful for repairing wood that has already damaged a little by the elements. Some paints are even made just for that purpose.
  3. Paint might be easier to clean. Depending on the color (I have a white painted deck and it is NOT easy to clean), paint can be easy to clean. If the paint is of good quality and is allowed to cure properly before put into use, it creates a hard shell that dirt usually just washes right off of.
  4. Paint is more protective of wood. Generally speaking, paint resists rot, mold, and sun damage better than other options. However, other types of high-quality finishes can also do a great job of protecting wood.

Benefits of Deck Staining

  1. Stain retains the natural beauty of wood. Stain and sealer let the wood grain show through.
  2. Stain is less slippery. This is a generality, and some stains can be slick, but for the most part, stains are more of a flat surface that protect the wood without creating a very slippery surface.
  3. Stain is easier to apply. Stain and sealer are more forgiving. You can miss a spot here and there without it becoming obvious. Paint isn't as easy to work with.
  4. Stain comes in many colors. You still have design options with stain, which is available in a large variety of colors. Always test an area with your particular wood, though, because the color of the wood itself will have a big effect on the finished color of the stain.